Director Message

Mr. Ashok Kapoor (Chairman & Managing Director)

He is the man behind Bhole Nath Foods. He is the man who has inspired us to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. His unwavering determination has helped us achieve numerous benchmarks time and again. Mr. Kopoor has been heading the entire chain of managementand operations since the very inception of the company. He has vast experience of 36 Years in procuring Premium Quality Paddy from the Foothills of Himalayas.

Mr.Pradeep Kapoor (Director)

An expert on the procurement of Basmati Paddy, Mr. Pardeep Kapoor has steered the company into a growth trajectory. He gives farmers all the help they need in matiuring the crop because of having a vast experience of 40 years in growing, harvesting and storage of paddy.

Mr. Rakesh Kapoor (Director)

Mr.Rakesh Kapoor is one of the major force in steering the company to the right direction. His efficient working mechanish has been one of the endeavor's to make our brand amongst the top. He says, "Being a customer oriented company, we have to focus on identifying, understanding and serving our esteemed clients". He has a vast experience of 34 years in Sale in domestic & international market. He has a strong hand in the technical aspects of plant and machinery. Bringing quality in every process has been his forte and his expertise has pushed the company ahead.

Mr.Vijay Kapoor (Director)

Mr.Vijay Kapoor has a vast experience of 22 years in Finace and administrative department of the company. He ensures optimum utilization of the resources to incease the profitability of the company and enhance shareholder's wealth. He also scrutinizes and ensures that the quality of the products are in- line with the international standards and customer's requirement.Through his hard work and dedication, he strives to achieve nothing but the best.

Mr. Gulshan Kapoor (Director)

Mr. Gulshan Kapoor has been an active player in controlling the supply chain, domestic sale and market strategy for a period of over 22 years.He believes in moving forward while learning from the past experience and conducting business ethically. His great zeal and enthusiasm helps the team to align their goals with the vision of the company.


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