Executive Director

Mr. Prateep Kapoor (Director International Sales)

He believes that, "We Seek to provide plenty of opportunities to our people, to be able to develop and deploy and a variety of skills so that the quality is never compromised. We see to it that we prepare ourselves for future challenges"

Mr.Bharat kapoor (Executive Director)

Mr. Bharat kapoor,a dynamic visionary supporting the setups of the organization and guiding the manngement team to achieve commercial feats.

Mr.Dushyant Kapoor (Executive Director)

Mr.Dushyant Kapoor an enthusiastic, energetic professional has many years of experience in the domestic and international market.

Mr. Chander Kapoor (Executive Director)

With a rice experience in the sales and marketing area, He is responsible for managing the entire sales team and ensuring overall sales growth are inline with company business plans.

Ms.Nandita Kapoor (Executive Director)

Ms.Nandita Kapoor having completed her post graduation brings a fresh perspective to the business. She ensures that the business has the best working environment and processes. Her hands on approach and trobleshooting abilities make her an invaluable asset to the organization.


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